Lighting issue

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Lighting issue

Post by walker70 »

Hi,I think I have posted about this already but I still seem to have an issue with my lights surging as I rev the engine,was wondering if maybe it could have something to do with the batteries I have been getting from Walmart,this is the third one I have put on it and I was curious if maybe I might need to try a better quality one instead of these $50.00 ones,just not sure if this is the problem but everything else seems to good to go on it,regulator and stator are all new???

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Re: Lighting issue

Post by virgilmobile »

I guess a better answer would be to ask a question.
Have you identified why the lights "surge"?
I'm sure there would be some increase in brightness as the rpm's go up but I really never noticed that on any of my bikes.
However...Note that my charging system was very stable and any voltage drop problems corrected.
I would first suggest this..
Run the bike at 2k rpm for 3-4 minutes to charge the battery...Let it idle (950 rpm)and measure with a DVM the voltage directly across the battery terminals...raise the rpm to 3500 and measure the voltage...
A stable system should range between 13.4 and 14.2 volts...Not enough of a increase to make the lights visibly surge.

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Re: Lighting issue

Post by oldishwinger »

its normal on the 1200 to see the lights go up and down a bit, its caused by the stator at different volts at idle other being at full power when the revs are up.

you may also see a slight dip in lights etc, when the brake lights are on.

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Re: Lighting issue

Post by froche »

Generally a "bad" battery lets itself be known in other ways. If the stator works, if the rectifier / regulator is connected on all three yellow wires, if the connecting plug (three wires, yellow) are good or soldered, then the lights at a light will be a bit dimmer due to the stator not putting out enough wattage (volts time amps) there is where the battery supplys the difference. If all the above is working driving down the freeway at 50-60 mph the light should be as bright as they will be. Supplying less wattage (volts times amps) from a battery with no charging circuit applied will bit dimmer, add a charging circuit with enough watts (volts time amps) and the light will be brighter. Add more wattage (V x A) the lights won't get any brighter.

My Goldwing used to really dim at lights and idle. Turned out to be a wire from the stator that was not attached at the regulator / rectifier. Reattaching the wire solved it.

Ultimately I replaced the regulator rectifier with an aftermarket one (about 20 bucks) and later a HID headlight (which starts up with a "surge" about equal to the original headlight) which runs a ballast at 35 watts. Very stable electrics now.

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Re: Lighting issue

Post by WingAdmin »

Definitely your Wal-mart (N)everstart batteries could be improved upon. For another $30-40 you could get an AGM, and adding a $20 Battery Tender on top of that, you wouldn't need to buy another battery for the next 6-7 years.

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Re: Lighting issue

Post by walker70 »

I need to clarify about the light dimming,it is mostly doing it with the dash lights around speedo and radio,the rest of the lights, headlights and taillights only dim slightly.

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