Kiehin parts

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Kiehin parts

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I am so close to getting my mothballed for six years gl1200 operational! This site has been a great help and I am down to my last problem - the top end performance (4000rpm/60-90 mph) sucks just no power. If I add manual choke high end power is good. The bottom end will snap your neck so no worries there. I have validated the compression, timing and ignition system, ignition control unit, coils, plugs/wires, fuel pump and relay, tank/filter/lines, and vacuum leaks. The carbs may be the problem - completely rebuilt 49 state keihin vd53a's with new sliders, idle jet adjusted and synched. The generic rebuild kit didn't specify what main jet/needle sizes were included so I'm thinking I need to find some #108 mainjets with matching needle valves and #35 slow jets. Does anybody know where I can buy these? Singly/kits whatever? TIA

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Re: Kiehin parts

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Try They have most, not sure of the needles

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