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Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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New to Wings

Post by Delsilver »

Just picked up my new to me 84 GL1200I Interstate, 49,000 kilometers from the second owner.
Picked up in Victoria and road home to Port Alberni approx 200 Km, great ride although it did try to rain a couple times, so far everything seems to be running as it should.
Has a factory CB which I will probably never use, Panasonic radio cassette which works, an Altimeter which apparently was a factory option.
Previous bikes 83 Suzuki GS1100GK, 83 Venture Royale bought new, 79 GS850G Suzuki bought new with Windjammer SS fairing and Krauser 40 liter bags, 75 Yamaha XS650B with bar mount fairing and first bike 65 Yamaha 305 Big Bear.
I have toured to Nova Scotia, Texas, Florida, California and points between but haven't ridden in a while and thought I would try a Wing to get back into it.
Looking forward to some rides on the Island and possibly a trip to the West Kootenays this year.
The PO used Premium fuel in the bike and when I topped it up I did the same, not because I think premium is required necessarily but because it was the only grade without ethanol.
Any thoughts or comments on this and what ethanol does to the rubber components in the fuel system.

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Re: New to Wings

Post by Good Hondog »

Welcome to the forum Del. Your 1200 sounds like a nice score for you! Good job. The GL1200 guys here will be a big help to you so come back often and enjoy the forum.

Safe riding,

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Re: New to Wings

Post by Rednaxs60 »

Welcome. Great bikes these 1200s. I've been using regular in my '85 Limited edition since I bought it 3 1/2 years ago and no issues. Used high test for a short period when riding two up from Los Angeles to here in the mountains, otherwise regular gas, won't hurt it. Sending PM. Good luck with your new ride. Cheers
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I am also New to Wings

Post by jaimenv »

Sounds like you got a great riding bike to start with.
Now the adventure starts, going over the bike to make sure al required maintenance has been done is a lot of fun.
I was looking at getting a 1981 standard(naked) gl1100 when a 1986 gl1200 interstate came up for sale. So I got them both.

So welcome to the forum.

Ps Timing belts are critical item in this bikes, since the engine is of the interference type.
On the fuel subject I think that it is a good idea to keep ethanol in any amount out of this older bikes. I am currently chasing a mysterious fuel leak on the right side carbs on my gl1100, that comes and goes. It would not surprise me if dried out and brittle o ring seals at the plenum fuel passages are the culprit. My point is that the rubber this seals where made are not ethanol resistant.
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Re: New to Wings

Post by DenverWinger »

I haven't had any issues with ethanol in my 1100, and around Denver ethanol is just about the only fuel you can find. So I just put in regular ethanol.

I rebuilt the carbs in 2005 when I first got the bike (it hadn't run in 10 years) but haven't needed to touch them since except for resyncing them about 5 years ago.
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Re: New to Wings

Post by EasyBadger »

Welcome to the forum.
There are a lot of helpful threats. Specially Rednaxs60 helped me a lot.

I bought my 85 GL1200 Ltd last year in June and I love it. I did over 8000 km last season with 2 up.
For the gas, I'm using regular without problems. The mileage got even better over time.

Over the winter time I did the timing belts and the regular maintenance.

We should do a weekend meeting somewhere in the middle of BC and AB for wingers.

Safe rides,

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Re: New to Wings

Post by Delsilver »

Thanks for the comments.
The timing belts were changed last fall as well as the water pump.
All fluids were changed including the final drive.
Bike seems to run great.

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Re: New to Wings

Post by Ohara »

You will enjoy your wing, lots of good help here... :D

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Re: New to Wings

Post by rooferx »

Hello from Baltimore,,hope you enjoy you wing,,

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Re: New to Wings

Post by patbrandon1 »

Welcome to a great site Delsilver

Many kind, helpful, people on here that will assist with anything you can throw at em.

My take on fuel is I try to use non ethanol fuel as well. The closest place to me is about 22 miles away. It is a boat harbor that has 87 octane ethanol free. On the occasions that I need fuel when they are closed I use 87 octane lead free that will contain E-10 ethanol. I ALWAYS use a fuel stabilizer when using any fuel with ethanol. I generally use Lucas Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with Stabilizers.

I would have used the premium like you did for sure to stay away from that crap ethanol. But I never use high octane otherwise as my Goldwing was designed to run on 87 octane, and I have never found any improvement using anything higher.

Again, welcome to the site and I suggest you take a look around at the how tos WingAdmin has put together for us.

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