Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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I just bought a 1985 Aspencade 1200 it was sitting outside for six to eight months before I purchased it I drained the old gas out changed the oil and spark plugs. After doing this it started and ran fairly well. I then took it out for about 70 mile ride it did really good the only thing was when I went to stop about halfway through my ride the brake light and the gas light came on the dash but went back off and the radio would work until I started the bike then would not work. Anyway after reaching my house I shut it off and tried to restart it and it took a minute for it to start. Finally it started and I took my wife for a ride into town and on our way back the brake and gas light came on and stayed on then the digital dash started acting erratically flashing on and off and when we got back home I went to park it in the garage and it started to backfire and running really rough and died anyone have any ideas of what would cause all of this. This is my first goldwing so I would greatly appreciate your help

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Re: Confused

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Battery,,,charging system ? Wackey stuff happens when battery gets low,,

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Re: Confused

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Ground connections to the dash, maybe?
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I think you found out why they

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Where selling the bike.
It sure has an electrical problem.
For sure check the charging system as mentioned.
I would check first the connector next to the battery with the 3 yellow wires. This id a known problem area.
Tricky too sometimes it will look ok till you turn it around and see the melted plastic.

Good luck.

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