turn signal duration

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turn signal duration

Post by Delsilver »

I like to signal well in advance of turning and am finding the self cancelling function shuts the turn signal off and I have to turn on again.
Is there any way to adjust how long the turn signal stay on.

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Re: turn signal duration

Post by patbrandon1 »

I don't believe you can adjust it in any way. The turn signal self cancelling function works in conjunction with the speedometer. So when you are going a certain speed it will shut off.

So a couple options are that you can either disconnect the self cancelling function. But that would mean you have to remember to shut off your turn signals every time you use them. On my 82 Wing I didn't have that function option, so I did get used to shutting off the turn signals all the time.

Or you can just not turn them on so soon.

Or you can continue to turn them on again as you need.

Someone else may chime in with an idea that would help better remedy your problem.
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Re: turn signal duration

Post by julimike54 »

No help on the idea but, I've just gotten in the habit of hitting the 'On' several times when I get into the 'long' turn situation. After the turn, the signal self cancels like it normally does.
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