Repairing Air Suspension hoses

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Repairing Air Suspension hoses

Post by Psycheonabike »

Contrary to my earlier post I have been let down by a seller so now don't have the Progressive springs on the way - so I am now looking for advice on how to repair the hose fittings on my 1985 Aspenecade.

Here' the problem briefly - I have a replacement for the damaged hose going from the compressor to the rear shocks. But I simply cannot find the replacement for the front one - the one that goes from the compressor to the right hand fork (the one with a banjo bolt.) They were both damaged at the end of the hose that fits into the compressor.

One option would be to cut the spare rear one and join the good fitting on that to the hose for the front. But I have no idea where to start fitting hydrolic hoses together. Hopefully someone can help me out as currently I have NO AIR in either shocks!

All advice welcome as ever! ;)

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Maybe this might work

Post by jaimenv »

Take the busted hose fitting and cut the crimp area without cutting the barb fitting.
Remove the crimp metal off and the piece of hose from the fitting barb.
Cut the busted end of the hose straight for it to fit plat in to the fitting barb and clamp with a small worm clamp.

A die grinder with a friction disk should work really good, you could do it with a hack saw yet you will need to clamp the fitting in a vise since this fittings are so small. Just be real careful not to cut too deep in to the barb.
Needle nose pliers and a flat tip screwdriver will help removing the cut metal crimp.

Good luck.
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Re: Repairing Air Suspension hoses

Post by oldmopars »

If shipping would not be too bad, I could send you a new hose. I just pulled the complete Aspencade fairing, forks and everything off my 84. I am going naked and using GL1500 Forks, wheel/tire and brakes. I have the complete air line and pump set up from the bike.
Let me know. I am in Washington state and shipping could get crazy, but I am willing if you are.

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