My 84 GL1200 tries to kick over but wont start.

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My 84 GL1200 tries to kick over but wont start.

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Hey guys, new here!! Thanks in advance for the help. I recently purchased a 84 gl1200. Thing sat for almost two years and before sitting had the carbs cleaned and such. When I got it, it didn’t start not even being boosted. Thew new plugs in it, some fresh gas and a new battery and it fired first try. Road it around for a little and it stayed running and starting for about a week no issues! Would idle choke and no choke. Than I started it three days ago and after letting it warm up, I went to go take it out of the garage and it backfired on me loudly and than shortly after died, now hasn’t started again! The battery seems to be dead aswell but with a boost the bike is trying to start! Any ideas what could be the issue?! Again thanks guys!

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Re: My 84 GL1200 tries to kick over but wont start.

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Not much to go on yet, maybe the bike isn't charging the battery?

Charge it up, then measure the voltage at the battery with the bike off, the voltage while cranking, and if it starts again the voltage while running and report back.
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Re: My 84 GL1200 tries to kick over but wont start.

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Welcome to the forum.

How many miles on it?
Do you know if the timing belts have ever been changed?
If so, when were they changed mileage wise?
Did you check for spark?
Did you check for fuel flow?

I know it must be frustrating to have your Wing all of a sudden stop like that. And in order for us to be able to help you, we will probably be asking you a lot questions and making suggestions. But the more info we can get, the more likely it is that we can help.

Please keep us posted on any progress and/or tests you perform.
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