Oil Leak below fuel filter

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Oil Leak below fuel filter

Post by Greyhammar »

Hello, new old goldwing owner here, and I have a problem. Please note that I am new to working on my own bikes beyond oil changes, tire changes, chain maintenance, etc. I bought this in part to learn this stuff and this is my first bike over 500cc and only my second road bike so it may be something obvious to those of you with a mountain more experience than I have.

I just replaced my fuel filter and hose, and while doing so I dropped the nut from the fuel filter bracket behind that little plate that the fuel pump sits on. I loosened the bolts holding that plate before realizing that I had a magnet to fish it out with; I re tightened the bolts, let the bike run for a bit to make sure the pump was ticking along and went for a ride. There was no oil leaking at this point, but it was on it's side stand if that might have anything to do with it. When I came back after about 3 miles of round trip my wife told me she saw oil weeping down the side. Sure enough there were 2 streams of oil flowing down the side of the bike under each bolt. I have the Honda gl1200 1984-1987 service manual and I tried looking at the exploded parts diagrams etc., but I don't see the plate listed so I am obviously looking in the wrong parts of the book (lubrication system, engine removal, etc). There is a picture of the plate on page 8-21; top picture, to the left of the piston being worked on. I think by loosening the bolts I broke a gasket or something, but I can't order a new one without a part number. Would anyone happen to know what that plate is and what gasket I would need to order? Or did I miss something completely?

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Re: Oil Leak below fuel filter

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Have a look at the various parts diagrams at www.partzilla.com Thinking that if it is a paper gasket as opposed to an o ring....would be an easy one to make yourself. Couple of dollars at your favorite (auto) parts store will get you the proper material.
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Re: Oil Leak below fuel filter

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thats the final gear cover I think there is a paper gasket behind it. part number 11372-463-306 unfortunately they dont seem to be available anymore not on the oem site at cyclemax anyway.

it may be easier as suggested, to get some gasket paper and cut one to shape and fit.
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