Almost to the end of this girl!

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Almost to the end of this girl!

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Progress report update on the rebuild of the 1985 Interstate

Trunk light “Interstate” installed and all of the latches put back together on the bags. Added a couple additional red LED rock lights for brake lights just for visibility purposes kinda cool though ha!

I think the starter is weak which isn’t helping much of anything. It takes a minute for it to engage once I press the start button. I don’t know if that has much to do with anything but I might look at another starter for it.

I pulled apart every electrical connection, cleaned them out with that electric cleaner crap which burns quite nicely when you have a cut on your fingers :shock: found the voltage regulator had a few frayed wires and so forth so that’s being replaced;

Amy (my other half) ordered a carb rebuild kit yesterday after we visited with Steve my Goldwing guru down here and determined all the low speed jets are clogged beyond belief so those will be replaced.

I think with the coils testing good 03.2 and 03.1 ohms respectively I might as well leave them alone but have the Dodge Neon coil as a back up.

So now it’s putting the carbs back together, plumbing in the fuel pump to the carbs and seeing what happens. I likely will order new boots; they’re corroded and don’t look to hot so that’s on my agenda.

I will have literally put the entire bike back together and if it doesn’t fire up I’m gonna be pissed ha!

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