Does it sound like my fuel pump is my issue?

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Does it sound like my fuel pump is my issue?

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I'm working on my newest project which is getting my 1986 gl1200 interstate (carb) running.

I've rebuilt the entire carb, changed the timing belt, cleaned the tank and put in fresh gas.

The issue I'm having is, when I try and run the bike, its trying, and wants to turn over but nothing happens.

When I pulled the fuel line from the petcock it was nearly bone dry, the fuel filter (replaced) is completely dry, and the lines leading to the fuel pump. The fuel pump is a stock pump, in all honestly the original. When I stick a multimeter into the port for the fuel pump it has voltage, but I don't think the pump itself is working. The pump doesnt hum, or make any noise, and when I stick it directly into a cup of gasoline it doesn't draw any up. I tried taking the housing off and cleaning the contacts but it doesn't help.

Is my fuel pump the issue? Besides things like brakes, tires, and fluids this is the last thing I need to do (presumably) to get her running.

I have found this option on ebay and amazon, but the issue with it is, the inlet and outlet are both 8mm, while my fuel lines are (1/4" id) so presumably 6mm. Would this option work and how would I convert the lines? ... 9034&rt=nc


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Re: Does it sound like my fuel pump is my issue?

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The pump is fed from a solid-state relay that only allows current to pass when an ignition pulse triggers it; there is not constant voltage to the pump. This causes the pump coil to pull the spring, and if there is no backpressure in the fuel line, will push fuel through the checkvalve when the pulse is over. I don't believe the pump works when under constant voltage, but I may be wrong on this.
If the fuel line is empty, it will crank for a very very long time before fuel gets to the carbs, even if everything is working. Take the fuel line off at the petcock and fill the carbs with a funnel or shop-type fuel tank, then try again. If it starts but goes dry, then you have a bad pump or relay.
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Re: Does it sound like my fuel pump is my issue?

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The pump will run under constant voltage. It has a set of contacts in it that when pressure bleeds down they contact the diaphram piston pulls up then contact another set that breaks the circuit.

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