Chokes restes coller

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Chokes restes coller

Post by Lucgg »

Chokes reste coller et mon cable a du jeux quand je le ramène pour diminuer la revolution, mais suis obliger de pousser sur le choke manuellement près du carburateur pour que la révolution descende au normal .
Comment corriger ça, et ques ce qui peut provoquer ça, y a t il un vidéo sur ce problème

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Re: Chokes restes coller

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Google Translate from French:

Chokes sticks and my cable has games when I bring it down to decrease the revolution, but I have to push the choke manually near the carburetor for the revolution to go down to normal.
How to fix this, and what can cause this, is there a video on this problem
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Re: Chokes restes coller

Post by Charlie1Horse »

Purchase a cable lube tool and lubricate the cable first and then see what it will do.

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