Cylinder head, camshaft 85 1200A

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Cylinder head, camshaft 85 1200A

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Need to know for sure if the heads and camshafts on 84, 85, 86 GL1200s are interchangeable and compatible with each other. In other words, can I use 84 or 86 heads, cams on an 85 engine? I will be buying the parts on e-bay. Also, are there any questions I should ask the seller prior to purchase? Thanks

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Re: Cylinder head, camshaft 85 1200A

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Keep in mind on ebay you have no guarantee what the year really is, unless you can identify a specific year feature or number.
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Re: Cylinder head, camshaft 85 1200A

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The cams are different between the '84/'85 and the '86/87. Resulting in the earlier models opening at 10° and at 5° for the later.
There's also a very minor difference in lobe height between earlier and later models.

My guess is you'd never know it when riding.
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Re: Cylinder head, camshaft 85 1200A

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Be very careful on what parts your trying to interchange. A lot of the parts for the 85's will NOT fit onto the 86's. I have an 86SEi and I can tell you for a fact that most of the internal parts, IE: stator, rear engine cover, ESPECIALLY the alternator MUST come from another 86SEi, or NEW, or they will NOT fit. Believe it or not, an alternator and stator from an 85 puts out less voltage which you WILL see on your onboard voltmeter, so instead of 14.7 at 3000 rpm, you'll only have 13.2 volts, and even less at an idle at 11.9 volts to 12.3volts.

stuart, a.k.a.roadwanderer2.

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