Help! Gas leak in carbs 2 & 3

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Help! Gas leak in carbs 2 & 3

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Hello brother wingers.
This is my first post. First things first. HugeThanks to all of you that post replys. Your knowledge so far has been invaluable on so many topics. Incredible!! After springing a leak in carb # 2 i dared to rebuild all the carbs. Never ran rite since i got it in may. Lacked power. Running rich. Never ran completely off choke. So i figured this would be a good start. Im also removing the secondary air supply. (Not permenent) just in case. First mistake. Cheap rebuild kit!! The only thing i used was the gasket, float valve, seat and filter. Cleaned everthing else. Set float height to .295
Now carbs 2 and 3 leak from the bowl drain hole (screw is tight) so if i may i have a couple questions..

Should i mess with the float height out of spec??

Should i bottom out the main and slow jets. Im afraid to over tighten..

Gasket sealer?

:roll: Tommy
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