How to pull the starter

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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How to pull the starter

Post by txfireag »

86 GL1200A

So I’ve read 1000 posts and all say the starter can come out without pulling the engine. I’d rather sell the bike than pull the engine. I was about to drop the exhaust but the stud is in the way even if I do and I’ve pulled the crash bar on that side. The frame itself is keeping the starter in and there’s no way to rotate the starter with the mounting tabs and the power stud in the way. How the heck?

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Re: How to pull the starter

Post by froche »

Don't know if you 86 is different but I took my starter out without moving the exhaust pipe but had to drop exhaust to get it back in. Don't forget to get copper crush washers for the exhaust!
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Re: How to pull the starter

Post by CrystalPistol »

On my '85 years ago I refreshed the starter and added a ground wire braid inside to better ground the brush plate to housing. Before removing the starter, I positioned the bike next to a pole in the basement and secured it in a lean about like it was on side stand, but side stand was up. I dropped the left side exhaust header and the left side frame tube with side stand was removed. Starter slid forward and out, sprocket stayed in case and in view in chain.

I think it was just '84 & '85 that didn't have the guide in place to keep the sprocket in view, not sure about '86s. I added a guide when I did a stator replacement later on. You might be able to do the starter with bike on center stand.

I never replaced the exhaust copper O-rings in my 1200 nor the 1500 when dropping the headers, never leaked neither. They can be heated cherry red and doused in cold water to re-soften the copper.
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Re: How to pull the starter

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put bike on center stand. remove lower fairing.pull both crash bars remove 8 manifold nuts and 2 muffler support bolts.exhaust will drop to floor . remove shifter bolt and slide out gear shifter.remove two bolts to starter,wiggle out.have done this twice with no if you installing a aftermarket starter you may have to ream out one of the mounting holes on the starter to fit.a better choice would to have oem starter rebuilt (cost me 30 bucks at a starter rebuild shop.)you will need a thin wall wrench to get nut of starter power line. dot twist stud!.also make sure you have a clean tight connection.
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Re: How to pull the starter

Post by virgilmobile »

On mine,I marked the case for alignment first then seperated the gearhead from the motor while it was still trapped.Put the gearhead back into the block and pulled the motor off first...Then the gearhead...Repair and reassemble the same way.Carefull about the alignment.
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Re: How to pull the starter

Post by Charlie1Horse »

Just grab the handle on the end of the rope and give it a pull. Sorry, could not help myself.

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Those who say it cannot be done should try not to interrupt those who are doing it.
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