safe to hard wire my fuel pump

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safe to hard wire my fuel pump

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could I directly run my fuel pump with a inline fuse directly from the battery? if its safe what would be the safest way to do it? add a cut off switch or wire it to a hot ignition wire.? fuel pump works (jumped with battery) I disconnected the fuel relay and tested I have power. I tried bypassing the fuel relay to no avail. Clymer manual p254 has step by step electrical testing for the fuel pump.where my testing ends is with the bl/gr to bl/yel test where you use a test light and start bike light should go on and off (pulse) it has no power. last step is check for continuity bl/yel wire from relay connection to bl/yel wire to control unit.I have continunity (which is bad) next step the book says is replace icu.there lies my problem .finding a working one is not easy. why couldn't I just hard wire the fuel pump and ride till I find a working replacement.

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Re: safe to hard wire my fuel pump

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The reason you do not want to do that is a safety issue. If you crash, you don't want fuel being sprayed on a hot motor that you might be entangled with. (burning emoji goes here)
However, there are other ways to fix this safely. You can get aftermarket fuel pump relay/modules that have a few extra wires to allow the same type of shutoff. One wire goes to the start circuit to allow the pump to run when cranking. Another wire goes to an oil pressure switch so that in the event the engine stops, the fuel pump will also be shut off.
I have used these on many engine projects as a way to safely control an electric fuel pump.

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