86 interstate starter solenoid???????

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86 interstate starter solenoid???????

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I did post this in gl 1200 forum just haven’t got responses
Went to start it hit the starter button
The starter did not disengage,so I hit kill switch,it didn’t stop,I turned off the ignition,it did not stop,
I put in gear and it did stop,I pulled the battery cover and the 30 amp fuse was melted,is that the solenoid???? The fuse is on???? What can cause this , I was going to order a new solenoid to start there
Any help would be great thanks if it makes a difference there is an altenator conversion

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Re: 86 interstate starter solenoid???????

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Your starter solenoid is probably welded itself closed(Passing current through the solenoid).

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Re: 86 interstate starter solenoid???????

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happened to me twice. first time the two wires on the solenoid shorted (fused together) second time I believe was a faulty solenoid. replaced wiring and insulators w/new solenoid not a problem since. the only way I was able to stop the starter was to pull battery cable off.. by that time the starter was barely cranking.

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Re: 86 interstate starter solenoid???????

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That 30 amp fuse does not protect the starter from the battery. It does protect bike wiring to ignition switch and start button, but if that solenoid has welded it's contacts shut, it's gonna spin unless battery is disconnected.

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