Best place to install a 12volt outlet /and wireing

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Best place to install a 12volt outlet /and wireing

Post by Totalchaos »

I want to install a 12volt outlet and want to know where the best place would be as far as space and ease to install would be and the best way to wire it in? It would be used to power a phone charger or a FM transmitter. Any input would be great! :D

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Re: Best place to install a 12volt outlet /and wireing

Post by CrystalPistol »

I have one in the top trunk's "hump" for the FM modulator for my XM … and on my 1200 I had one in left saddlebag on a switch I used to charge my phone, on the trike it's in the lower rear trunk. The one for charging I have on a seperate circuit with a switch as I used to use it for a larger "bag phone", the one in top trunk hump is hot always. About that one in the top trunk hump, it's also where I put my XM docking station and being so close to the FM antenna, no interference.

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Re: Best place to install a 12volt outlet /and wireing

Post by WINGER3 »

Open top glove box cover and remove the glove box and under it you should find a wire not connected to any thing in the main loom, it is factory installed so you can add a volt meter or USB or what ever you like assuming previous owner had not already used it for something. I have also a 87 Aspencade and that is where I connected my volt meter to. You can also hookup a line to the battery but make sure you add a inline fuse. Hope this helps. :mrgreen:
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Re: Best place to install a 12volt outlet /and wireing

Post by Goldenponyboy »

I bought a couple of these 12v sockets with a usb port combo units. They come with a decent lead of wire to snake to the battery. I think but cant remember that there is a fuse near the end of the wires close to the battery. I had one installed on the brake fluid reservoir using the foam adhesive backing and it stuck for a while till I got brake fluid on it. So then I zip tied it to the reservoir. The one in the back top case is tucked in to the corner and has not been knocked off yet. Neither of them are switched so If I leave my fm bluetooth transmitter in the handlebar socket it will drain the battery. Hasnt happened yet. Fingers crossed. I think its a good set up so far. If I wanted to keep it all water proof the sockets all have little rubber covers. These units are $20 cdn here at Canadian tire. Probably cheaper on Amazon.

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