Differences between 84 Standard, Interstate and Aspencade....

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Differences between 84 Standard, Interstate and Aspencade....

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I've noticed that several things are different between the models, obviously the fairing, bags and stereo but the fuel pump, turn signal, four way flashers maybe {mine doesn't have them} and suspension. What else is different? Thanks!

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Re: Differences between 84 Standard, Interstate and Aspencade....

Post by Write2Paul90277 »

Hi. I have two of the 1984 Standard models and have learned a lot about them. They were only sold as 1984 models and there were only about 3-4,000 built (or so I've been told).

The following parts are unique to the Standard (and usually hard to find):
-- Headlight and headlight mounting "ears"
-- Front fork tri8mk piece (the part that says "Honda" and covers the lower fork clamp
-- Horns
-- Radiator trim (black plastic pieces at the top and bottom of the radiator)
-- Radiator side scoops (chrome instead of painted)
-- Instruments
-- Rear grab bar
-- Rear fender
-- Taillight
-- Turn signals (but you knew that)
-- Fuel pump (black housing instead of chrome)
-- Left side handlebar switch (no four-way flasher, as you pointed out)
-- Ignition lock (very important -- locks from the Interstate and Aspencade will not work -- the wiring connections are different)

I hope that helps. If anyone else has more info, please chime in,

Ride safe,


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