Damper cushion????

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Damper cushion????

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Hi all. I am replacing the front wheel bearings on my '85 Aspencade so I had to remove the brake discs. Trying hard not to rip the damper cushion thats between the disc and hub, I did destroy one. My questions are: how important is it to use the exact material to replace it? I have a rubber type membrane of the same thickness, will this work? I can not find any on e-bay or Bike Bandit for the original one. As a side note the left side bearing DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE HOME. Took 3 hours to persuade it to spend the rest of its life in the farmers field after I threw it as far as I could..... there, now I feel better!

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Re: Damper cushion????

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Paper thin as I recall, sort of like thin black cardboard. I would shy away from rubber. I didn't reuse them on my '85A (I usually took rotors off if going to take a wheel to a shop to put a new tire on it), my '97 trike had/has none OEM.
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