'84 GL1200 Aspy hesitates between 2k-3k rpm

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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'84 GL1200 Aspy hesitates between 2k-3k rpm

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Hello everyone. I'm a new member and a motorcycle rookie. I recently got my bike and am trying to get ready for the road. The main issue is that it fairly consistently hesitates around the 2000 - 3000rpm range before accelerating as it should.

Tomorrow I plan to take apart the carburetor, inspect it for damage and clean it. Do you have any suggestions/things to look out for?

I read a good discussion titled "Stumbling between 2000 -3000rmp" and learned a few things. That member was unable to solve the problem until he replaced his fuel pump, coils and fuel filter.

Also, I've got something leaking from where the manifold joins the carburetor to the engine. It looks like oil but I'm not sure. Is this a faulty seal or is it indicative of larger problems. A guy I know who has had Goldwings his whole life says he's never seen oil leak from there and that it's highly unlikely. But I've wiped it away, and it keeps weeping out from the same spot. Has anyone experienced this?

Zoomed out

Zoomed in
The brown on top of the screw is dry and old, but the small stream in the corner is fresh and wet. I'm hoping replacing the seal is all that is needed.

Thank you very much for your help!


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Re: '84 GL1200 Aspy hesitates between 2k-3k rpm

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Hi m8 i saw a video on YouTube and honda did a recall on that symptoms and to rectify it is carburetor problem think it was to do with the pin wont go up and down..if the recall been done then theres a mark on it and its ics bloke on you tube says you can still get kit to repair it

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