Hydraulic clutch not engaging

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Hydraulic clutch not engaging

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I recently rebuilt and bled the hydraulic clutch on my Goldwing, and the clutch lever feels nice and firm, however, with the clutch lever fully engaged, I still can’t turn the rear tire by hand as if it is in neutral. Am I missing something? The clutch master cylinder is a reproduction unit of an 80’s virago or the like, not sure if that would matter.

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Re: Hydraulic clutch not engaging

Post by virgilmobile »

If your clutch lever feels like it's working but the clutch isn't releasing I'd suggest it's due to clutch plate "stiction".
Some methods to free them...

Start the engine (in neutral) and warm it up while holding the clutch lever in.

Center stand the bike and start it in gear with the clutch lever in(rear wheel spins)then stomp on the rear brake.This may kill the engine or release the sticking clutch.

Put the bike in 5th gear (engine off) pull the clutch lever and rock the bike forward and back.

Every wing I've run had a sticking clutch pack once in a while.Wings don't like just setting in the shed for a long time.
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