1986 1200 interstate

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Motorcycle: 1986 gl1200 interstate

1986 1200 interstate

Post by ada »

i have a 86 wing with 13000. original miles(yes 13000) when left on side stand i m told oil leaks down valve seals and on cold start up the oil has to burn off but still fouls plugs until ridden for a bit is there a fix for that i read somewhere that it was a design issue to that year. i m new to this site and bike so am reaching out for input from from fellow riders

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Re: 1986 1200 interstate

Post by Rednaxs60 »

Oil leaking past the valve stem seals would be minimal, more likely past the rings. I mention this because the oil smoke goes away once the engine starts to warm up - rings and cylinders expand and promote sealing of the cylinder. As for the cure, you have two choices, live with what is happening and hope it doesn't get worse, or a piston ring replacement and cylinder honing. What happens over the years is the piston rings "polish" the cylinder walls - creating a glaze that reduces the sealing of the piston ring and cylinder walls. The only way to remove this glaze is to hone the cylinders, and once done, install new rings. You would want to do a head refurb as well with new valve stem seals.

Before you venture down this road, I'd do a compression test and leak down test as well. Do these on the centre stand.

Good luck.
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Re: 1986 1200 interstate

Post by dingdong »

All boxer style mc engines have his problem. The only solution is to use the centerstand. Oil left on the cylinder walls drain into the combustion chamber hence smoke at start up. The rings also have gaps that rotate and if the gaps are in the "wrong" position when shut down more oil will drain down. For some reason the 4 cylinder wings are more prone to this. It is not the valve seals that cause the problem.
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