Goldwing experts?

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Goldwing experts?

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Good morning, everyone and happy Sunday

I have but one single question, at the moment:

Are there any Goldwing experts in the Miami, Florida area?

I own a 1985 GL1200 interstate that i bought a few months ago. I bought it with about 93,900 miles and it currently reads 96,953. In that time, i have changed the air and fuel filter once, drained and refilled the final drive oil once, replaced the water pump once (took 3 attempts), changed the oil and oil filter 4 times, flushed and changed the coolant twice, changed the spark plugs once, changed the timing belt, and had the rear brake master cylinder rebuilt. There are two reasons i have been unable to ride it as much as I'd like in the 6 months of ownership. The first reason was that i was involved in a hit and run accident. I do not recall what happened but the police report states that i was at a stop sign when a vehicle made a right into the street, hit me from the side, and drove away. My Goldwing sat at my mechanic's shop for about 2 months as he had a lot of work and he wanted to thoroughly inspect the damages. Now, the second reason would be because it is currently leaking oil from the clutch cover. Quite a bit of oil. I've also had issues where I'm shifting up or down and I'll hear a horrible grinding noise. The shift pedal will proceed to violently shake up and down. I must keep the clutch engaged and keep trying to shift until it finally catches a gear. What gear, I never know. I have to let go of the clutch slowly so i don't lock up the brake again, being in 1st, as I'm going 65 mph on the highway (happened once but no accident).

So, to get on with it, both of the mechanics I go to are incredibly busy and I'm far too inexperienced to work on it myself. I ask if there are any GL1200 experts that would kindly help me diagnose any issues I do not notice and help me replace the clutch cover and possibly plates. I say help but, of course, I will pay for all parts necessary and for the services.

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