Carb sync

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Carb sync

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I have a 85 Asepencade. It sat for 20 years. I clean the gas tank, new fuel filter, clean out the carbs. But I put in new jets a size a little bigger then what was in it. I reinstalled and got the front and back carbs sync but I can't not sync them side to side. I have max out a couple of set screws to get it there. I am wondering if I need to remove the carb again and put in smaller or the old jets. Any idea out there?

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Re: Carb sync

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the Honda engineers are extremely bright people who experimented with 1,000s of ways to make those carbs efficient.

You just screwed up their work, go back to OEM jets, what was wrong with the original jets?
the hole is buried deep in the jet, I doubt seriously it is bad.

Make sure they are clean, and put them back in.

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Re: Carb sync

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Carb sync is synchronising the amount of vacuum at each cylinder. Jet size won't affect this. When you sync the carbs, you are ensuring that each throttle plate is open the exact same amount and therefore the airflow through each carb Venturi is the same.
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