GL1200 stalling with throttle input

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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GL1200 stalling with throttle input

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Good evening,

I’m new to Goldwings as a whole and I might have bitten off more than I can chew.

I bought a 1987 Aspencade that was in good running order. Owner had a list of all the new parts and receipts to prove it. Bike ran great for being 34 years old. I had to let it sit for a week due to work. Came back to it, it tried to start and then the starter just died. Checked the battery/solenoid/ all the usual and unusual culprits just in case but it was indeed the starter that failed.

I replaced the starter. Only part I am worried about is that when I pulled the starter itself, what seemed like motor oil poured out. About a quarts worth and then it stopped. It was weird to me because I wouldn’t think that oil would be that far up. When I bought it, I checked the oil level and it was fine. I was doing a oil change anyway so I wasn’t extremely worried. I get it replaced, oil changed, and it starts up just fine.

Not sure what went wrong with it after that but it dies with any throttle input. Backfiring in what seems like the carbs and a light bit of smoke it coming from the air filter/fuse box location (I presume from the carb backfiring). I read that the timing belts could be the culprit, but he has paperwork showing they were done 2 years ago. So my question is, did I mess something up? Anywhere I should start to look in order to fix this? Common problems?

One other question unrelated to this, does anyone have experience with getting the cruise to work again?

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