Radio backfeed

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Radio backfeed

Post by Jphaebig »

So I have a 1987 goldwing aspencade, the bike has 81k miles on it and is in great condition. My problem is the radio. One minute it is working fine no problems the next there is so much backfeed you cannot hear the radio and the the sound completely cuts out only to come back on again with static. It just keeps repeating this cycle on the radio and when playing a cassette. Not sure where to start looking any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Radio backfeed

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My 86 does the same thing. I believe it's the pins in the back. Since it's a pullout design, it pushes up against the pins behind the radio. Try cleaning the connectors with contact cleaner and bend them out a bit with a toothpick or something similar. If you increase the tension and improve the electrical connection it will definitely probably work better. I'm thinking about changing mine to a hardwired deck. It would be nice to listen to the radio on my commute.
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