1200 Limited wont start

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1200 Limited wont start

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My 1200ltd which I have for about a year now, stop working.
Two weeks ago because of the rain, I just started it and she was idling perfect. Than I increase RPM for about 3 seconds and engine stopped. Engine just stopped, I was I able to start it for about two second, since than she is just cranking. It happens suddenly.

There is no error lights on ECU. I have checked coils (voltage, resistance), it seem to be good, spark plug and cables are fine, i have checked all sensors (NS, GR/GL), fuel pump is operating for about 5 seconds after key is put in ON, I have checked injectors (they are clicking), all fuse and relays are fine, second dog bone fuse is ok, ECU got power (there is voltage between pins 30 and 2), all connectors looks fine, I have spark on all 4 cylinders.....starter switch is OK, I thing ECU is good, because there is error if I disconect any sensor.

I dont know what to do....engine is cranking normal, sometimes there is backfire but engine dont start.....one thing I need to mention....when I refilled gas I added some injector cleaner (Liqui Molly), is it possiblle that fuel filter is clogged because of that? That is the last thing I will check.
I have service manual for LTD, I have checked almost everything.

A little report what I have done so far (earlier this year)
-new timing belts,
-change all fluids,
-valve synchronization
-new tyres,
-new fuel filter
-new rectifier
-new air filter

I drove it for around 1000 miles this year, with no problem.

Any advise?

Thanks.... :)

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