Fuel Issue

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Fuel Issue

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I purchased a 1986 1200 Goldwing Aspencade. It sat for 5 years with gas in it. I know I am going to have to clean the carburetors but I am trying to figure out the fuel system. I drained the old gas and put new gas in. Then I pulled the output hose off the fuel pump, put it in a jar and turned the motor over with the run switch on. Not a lot of gas going into the jar. Then I took apiece of gas line from the petcock to the inlet of the fuel pump to bypass the fuel filter and still not a lot of gas flow.
When I drained the old gas out of the tank I took the petcock off the tank and I couldn't blow through it in the ON position but not in the OFF position which I assume is good. The funny thing is I pulled the hose off the petcock and turned it on and not much gas came out.

Any suggestions as to what I should do next? Also is there an easy way to check the fuel pump to see if it is pumping properly?


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Re: Fuel Issue

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I think that tank has rust in it.
you should not have put in new gas w/o first cleaning the tank.

best way to do that is to use Electrolysis, as it will clean every speck of rust, no matter where it hides.
it will even clean off the fuel level sender rheostat nice and purty.

I would test the fuel pump in a jar of gas, so you know the fuel is clean.
if it does not meet spec, then get a new one.

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