1987 Aspencade Fuel pump?

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1987 Aspencade Fuel pump?

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Hello Everybody,
The fuel pump on my Wing is fine but I would like to know what is the fuel pressure. All I have found in the service manual is a flow rate of 750cc/min but not at what pressure

I'm attaching a Motorvation Coupe Royale sidecar. The sidecar has something like a 12gal aux fuel tank behind the seat. It had a nice old Walbro billows Series 2100 fuel pump but modern fuels turned the billows into some black goo that belongs in a science fiction horror story. It is not recognizable as a billow, I literally for a moment thought there was moly grease in there!

So think I'd like to put a pump in there that nearly matches the bikes pump. What I would do is plumb the Aux in after the bike pump and switch between the pumps. I would just use a OEM pump but the $150-$200 is a little off putting. :)

Also is there a pressure regulator down stream of the pump? I don't see one in the manual. If so how much input pressure can it take?

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Re: 1987 Aspencade Fuel pump?

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The pressure is very low - it's not fuel injected. Too much pressure will push fuel past the needle valves in the carb float chambers, and your carbs will spew gasoline all over your hot engine.

There is no downstream pressure regulator, it depends on the OEM pump providing correct pressure (and sufficient flow at full throttle, through the fuel filter). However that specification is not published.

Also, the flow rate in the service manual is specified at 500cc per minute, not 750cc.
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