That lower trunk trim

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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That lower trunk trim

Post by CrazyCatman »

I've have always had the feeling that something was missing under the trunk light on my Aspencade; the "finish" was too crude and looking up you can see the white plastic of the light segment, and the lenses themself seemed to have some lips. I was thinking some rubber trim was missing and thought about installing some.
I looked at a lot of images of Goldwings and almost all of them was having the same "crude" backend.

But then some months ago I found exactly what I needed: There should have been a plastic cover there! Held in place by four screws - and then it struck me: Why is most 1200 Goldwings missing that trim? Bad design that does that they simply fall off when riding perhaps?
As I could see it in the spare parts catalogue it is helf by four self-tapping screws (4x10 mm) and corresponding clips: Could this be the design flaw if there is one?

Now I have found that plastic piece, although in a different colour, but I guess I can live with a silver bar until I get the paint to redo it into the R-128-PA of my bike - but if the self-tapping screws and clips are not really working I've been considering machine screws and lock nuts...
I think that might make a more sturdy design - if my trunk ain't too broken by old cracks (I really need to get some acetone and go to the LEGO shop and get some bricks for making some ABS paste).

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