Gl1200a Clutch sticking after cooling down

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Gl1200a Clutch sticking after cooling down

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Ok let .e give you the back story few months ago I replaced the clutch and rebuilt slave cylinder was fine for a bit but now after a good ride I park it over night or a few days. When I go and start it from nutrul it's all good. I press the clutch lever and and shift into first or second. It bucks and sometimes dies. ny help would be great.

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Re: Gl1200a Clutch sticking after cooling down

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stroke the clutch lever a few times (like pumpimg brakes) and see if that helps. if it does, then bleed the clutch again. this assumes you havnt lost any fluid since the rebuild. my 1200 will clunk and die if i start up a cold engine and click into gear without holding the clutch lever in for a few seconds. its the clutch plates vs surface tension of the oil. i read on here that t6 oil would help, i did change to that, and i did feel a difference but have not put enough miles on it yet to say anymore. now its spring! temps rising will fix my problem. give that t6 a shot, it also eliminated a tick in the left front of the engine at cold starts. use same viscosity as your owners manual calls for, do not fall into the thicker is better crowd.
good luck!
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