1985 GL1200 Intersate Clutch Slave Cylinder Issues

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1985 GL1200 Intersate Clutch Slave Cylinder Issues

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Hey all! I have a 1985 GL1200 Interstate that I've been trying to get up and running for a couple months now, I had complete clutch failure and am rebuilding the clutch slave cylinder among other things, and am having trouble with the piston and cup seal thingy-- I've cleaned out both the cup and the piston, and am using a rebuild kit I bought off ebay, as soon as I put the rubber cup seal on, the piston gets stuck inside the cup-- I'm having trouble telling if it's the cylinder or the rubber seal, everything is lubricated and put in place. The piston moves inside the cylinder when the seal ISN'T on, but as soon as I place the rubber seal on and put the piston in, it gets stuck!

Here is a video for reference:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BNbR1f ... sp=sharing

Would appreciate any help, I'm pulling my hair out over this :) I ordered a new cup and piston, but they won't arrive until november and I'm really trying to get this bike up and running for fear if it sits too long I'll have to do the carbs too ^^;

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Re: 1985 GL1200 Intersate Clutch Slave Cylinder Issues

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Just a thought, has your supplier sent you a GL1500 seal (22865MJ8003) instead of a 1200 one ( 22865MG9003). Its only 2 of the middle section of the art number that'
s different, but it may well be a different sized seal.

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Re: 1985 GL1200 Intersate Clutch Slave Cylinder Issues

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dude!!!!! you should really get a workbench! and a stool!

your slave looks normal. u usually have to whack it against the table top to get the piston out. a good test is to put piston in cylinder without the rubber. it should drop in, and drop out. the rubber make it tight llike you have found.
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