GL1200 LTD - Turn Cancelling

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GL1200 LTD - Turn Cancelling

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Ever since I've owned the bike (3 years), the Turn Cancel button never did anything, nor do the flashers turn off after a turn. I've gone through the handlebar switches, cleaned it out, and everything seems fine there. I wasn't sure about the Turn Cancelling unit, the part in the handlebar stem, so I played around with it, and nothing either. I pulled one off my parts' bike (same year and edition) and plugged it in. Now, when I turn the Turn Cancelling unit, or hit the Cancel button, with a flasher one, I hear a click coming from the Position Relay. I wasn't getting that before. BUT, my flashers still don't cancel.
My motor isn't running, and it's on a jack. I've done it while spinning the front wheel, to have the speedometer read 6 km/h, and then done the same tests. Still no cancelling, but small click from Position Relay.

Do I need to be driving faster to get the Turn Cancelling Unit to do its job?
What does the Position Relay do in all of this?
Any insight?


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