Death Rattle?

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Death Rattle?

Post by RazMan »

I have just bought my next project, a 1984 GL1200 which REALLY needs some tlc. It runs quite well but has an atrocious engine rattle at tickover. I know that this can be worse if the carbs are out of balance but they have just been balanced to eliminate this as the cause. The rattle is clearly coming from the clutch/gearbox area and only improves slightly when revved. I am definitely pulling out the engine but I am not sure what to look for first.
Can anyone give me some pointers please?

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Re: Death Rattle?

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I got a good deal on a 1200 with a rattle like that. I changed out this part: ... R9yY7PmeYg

Here's the Partzilla diagram: ... ator-shaft

The steel balls inside are supposed to shake back and forth to dampen vibrations, but mine were seized up and made the vibration much worse. It would rattle like crazy on decel. The PO sold it because he thought it was a rod coming loose.
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