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I really need HELP with this slide/diaphragm problem.

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:18 pm
by doncan2
I rebuilt the carbs on my 88 1500, with bigger jets ect. to get rid of the hesitation, it worked, but bike running real rich, taking carbs back off to lower floats, running with air filter off noticed right side slide not working, I have spent two days trying to get the right side to work, carbs are off bike, when you push the left slide back you get that swoosh sound when you push back on the right slide cannot get that swoosh sound there is a sound, but not like the left side. I have two extra slides tried them still not working right. I thought maybe I am not getting the diaphragm sealed correctly, I have tried 100 times, there is no way you can make such the diaphragm is in the groove, I must have gotten the left one sealed. What am I doing wrong. You can tell when you push back the slide on the right one, that it is not right. I am over looking something, but what. Someone please help!!!!!

Re: I really need HELP with this slide/diaphragm problem.

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:20 pm
by virgilmobile
Well your right...the working slide has a woosh sound as the slide is lifted...The air is being forced out of the little hole right next to the needle...the entire top of the slide has a perfect seal around it.
I can only mention one thing...the diaphragm must be without tears or holes and sealed into the groove in the carb body...The cap also should be air tight.....
There's not much that will stick to the diaphragm material except Gorilla glue....
Personalty I'd pull the cap and look again....pull around the material,look for tears like shown in the picture....If you think it's just not staying in the groove,you could use a dot of adhesive around the lip till it's steady....