Fuse blowing on Warm-Up '98 1500SE

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Fuse blowing on Warm-Up '98 1500SE

Post by dadiam » Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:25 am

I have been helping a friend get his '98 SE (~70k miles) ready for riding season herein Minnesota. We did the usual, oil, filter, fluids, etc., but one thing that is puzzling is an electrical issue he is having. His bike has a Compu-Fire alternator, and is otherwise in very good condition - has had his maintenance's kept up to date, etc.

He said that last fall he was riding in heavy traffic, barely moving, and he started to smell something hot, like burning plastic. Very soon after that, he said his gauges and lights on his dash went out (temp and fuel gauges). He called me just after this happened, and I told him to check his fuses. He found that #8 (4th from the bottom - blue 10A tail lights, gauge lights) was blown. He replaced it and started the bike again, and all was fine until he took off riding. He said he made it about 5 minutes to the highway when it blew again. He pulled over in a parking lot and replaced it. It was fine for a few minutes, then blew again.

While I was helping with his other mechanical issues, we put the bike on the center stand and started it up with a new fuse and all accessories disconnected. The bike ran fine (stumbling a little bit due to hibernating for the winter), for about 10 minutes,when the fuse blew again. I put a new one in immediately, and it continued to run for another 20 minutes. During this time, I swung the handlebars from side to side, shook the bike, and turned on and off all switches. The radiator fans started and stopped a few times. The fuse did not blow.

We then shut it off for about 20 minutes and started it up again. It seems that just at the point where the bike gets to operating temperature, the fuse blew again. Is there something that might be causing this, just when the bike gets to certain temperature? As anyone who wrenches on their bikes realize, intermittent electrical problems are the worst!

Thank You for your assistance!

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Re: Fuse blowing on Warm-Up '98 1500SE

Post by WingAdmin » Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:30 am

Any number of things could be causing it - but if I were to make a guess: a pinched wire somewhere. When the bike warms up, some heat comes off the engine, things expand - just enough to push against the pinched wire enough to create a short and blow the fuse.

This circuit, unfortunately, has wires running all over the bike, so it's not going to be an easy one to find. I would start by trying to isolate it - disconnect as many connectors used by this circuit as possible and see which ones cause it to occur.

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Re: Fuse blowing on Warm-Up '98 1500SE

Post by ct1500 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 4:38 pm

Always start at where the wiring deviates from OEM with added electrical devices if equipped.
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