louder exhaust sound

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louder exhaust sound

Post by mlsprowl@yahoo.com »

I was on a forum that someone had changed their 1500's exhaust with "Glasspacks" and the sound was louder and sounded
good, deep rumble but not as load of some "other" bikes. Has anyone else done this and would you want to share
what you did including part numbers and procedures? :roll:

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Re: louder exhaust sound

Post by offcenter »

Why would you want it louder?
The best thing about a Wing is the peace and quiet!
George in Jersey.
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Re: louder exhaust sound

Post by RoadRogue »

Im with offcenter on this one, leave the noisy exhaust to the look at me V-twin crowd :roll:
I enjoy riding along at 100km/hr and be able to hear a mouse fart in the ditch beside me 8-)
Ride safe, Todd
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Re: louder exhaust sound

Post by Uncle Fester »

Check this guys option out, it is what I will be doing to my GL1500 too.

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Re: louder exhaust sound

Post by 6Blackie6 »

I like the windshield option. I think this guy just wants a Harley but knows how reliable the Honda is.
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Re: louder exhaust sound

Post by Rodzim »

Thats what my Roadstar is for, loud vtwin.
I would move heaven and earth for factory mufflers if mine ever rust out.
You wouldnt put glasspacks on a cadillac would you?
Having said that, its your bike. I heard they sound awesome with some open exhausts. Before you cut anything just mount the mufflers temporarily with exhaust tape and ride it for a couple of days, just to make sure thats what you want.
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Re: louder exhaust sound

Post by SG_Jay »

I have that same windshield on my 98. Love it.

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Re: louder exhaust sound

Post by tsandvik »

Guy around here has a customized trike that they used a GL1500 engine in. Modified exhaust to be 6 straight pipes.
Golly what a growl and snarl from that beast. Very impressive BUT I have just had a Harley Softail and started to get tired of the constant sound from the aftermarket muffler.
Reminded me of one of the reasons I love the Wing. Blissful quiet.
To each his own.
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Re: louder exhaust sound

Post by StrongEagle »

You could probably put on any pipes that are sold for the Valkyrie and do just fine... if you like noise. Cobra six into sixes... geezuz! Two Brothers... a bit better. In the heyday of the Valk, quite a few handy welders turned out glass pack pipes that were covered with truck stacks... I had 'em. Not too bad on the road, and you could set off every car alarm in a parking garage by revving it up.

If you really are serious about wanting more noise, you could start by cutting the piggies off your stock exhaust, although some people complain about the drone. My Valk in Singapore had the piggies cut and it would still barely pass the dB sound levels for inspection.

Finally, if you want to do this, do a search for Horseapple ranch and Mark T. He makes "mild to wild" glass packs that are very quiet unless you put in the inserts. Straight pipes all the way, baby!

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