GL1500 ignition panel

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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GL1500 ignition panel

Post by Harold »

I have a 1990 GL1500SE. I tried to remove the top panel that surrounds the ignition switch as the first step to replacing the front speakers. Murphys law. The chrome ring around the ignition hole in the panel flew about a foot in the air and came down into the handle bar section and fell out of site. Needless to say I cant find it and now the panel does not want to fit like it should. After this screw up I gave up on the speakers. I just want to get my bike back together. HELP!

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Re: GL1500 ignition panel

Post by 101abndiv »

You can bid on the Ign Panel on Ebay. They usually go for around $35-50.
The chrome piece was an add-on.
Good Luck

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Re: GL1500 ignition panel

Post by FM-USA »

Harold wrote:
Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:17 pm
.... Needless to say I cant find it and now the panel does not want to fit like it should. .... HELP!
That ignition panel doesn't fit perfect on most Wings. The fairings mount isn't adjustable and (seems like) the slightest side bump the fairing shifts.
OR, the fairings plastic at the frame mount is cracking. SEEN this in person, it gets UGLY'R if it's not taken care of ASAP.
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Re: GL1500 ignition panel

Post by joeincalif »

As said before the ignition panel on some bikes does not fit properly, the ring that goes around the key slot has play in it to make up for the fit around the hole.

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Re: GL1500 ignition panel

Post by aj1500 »

I would say go ahead and remove the panel and the 2 side dishes I call them that cover your radiator cap on the right and radiator overflow on the left. this may give you more room to look and find the ring that fell down there. I bet with a good flashlight and a few minutes of looking carefully you will find it.

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Re: GL1500 ignition panel

Post by blupupher »

It takes a few tries to get it in place correctly, the three tabs at the top have to go in before putting the 2 bottom pieces into the grommets.
And if it is just the trim ring you are missing, the part number is 83161-MN5-000ZA. They are around $30 shipped, but you can buy an aftermarket chrome one for about $15 on e-bay.
Or as said, pull the pieces up and see if you can find it.
Either way, it is not necessary to have it for it to fit properly, it is primarily there for aesthetic reasons.
1994 GL1500 Goldwing SE

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Re: GL1500 ignition panel

Post by pocketchange »

I'd be concerned about it ending up somewhere that resulted in it causing a problem of some sort.. pc

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