Helmet Speakers

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Helmet Speakers

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I have a 1990 SE with the standard communication system. I bought a new helmet (HJC IS-17 XL) and when I went to install the JM (Part #HS-8146-OF) speaker/microphone on/in it, I find the speakers are too big, both in diameter and especially in thickness. They make the helmet too tight and are very uncomfortable. Does anyone know a good solution, preferable low cost and compatible with the SE? I only use the system to talk to my back seat partner. I don't listen to music or radio so I do not need top notch fidelity; just adequate to converse and use the CB when group riding. Any suggestions appreciated. I don't want the cost of converting to blue tooth if it is even possible

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Erdeniz Umman
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Re: Helmet Speakers

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I have been using the following speakers for almost two years, and had no problems so far.

Note that the price is for 10 pcs. And I normally can receive an order from the Aliexpress within 10-21 days.

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Re: Helmet Speakers

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Have you contacted J&M customer service to see if they have a solution?

The next place I would check would be with Edsets and then Air Rider.
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Re: Helmet Speakers

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J&M also sell low-profile speakers, which are what I needed (I had the same issue). They're about 1/2 the thickness of their standard speakers.

It may also be possible to cut away some of the styrofoam between the speakers & the fiberglass helmet shell, to make the speaker pockets a bit deeper & give a little extra ear room.
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Re: Helmet Speakers

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I also use J&M speaker. I pull out the ear panels and take them apart. I cut out the Styrofoam so the speaker fits flush with the foam. Put the cover back on and put it back in the helmet. No pressure on your ears. You just need to make sure you have the speaker centered over your ear before you start cutting. I use a soldering iron to melt it first and then dig out the melted foam.

Here is a photo. This is an older photo of a different speaker, but it worked the same with the J&M.

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Re: Helmet Speakers

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You should go for Jzaq Bluetooth headset speakers. They are great for communication. If Jzaq does not work out for you, try UClear HD speakers instead. It has a high-performance listening level.

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