Strong gas smell on shutdown

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Re: Strong gas smell on shutdown

Post by AndyFromWI » Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:04 pm

No more smell for me after I rebuilt the carbs!

Yesterday I finished installing the carbs, and everything else I took apart, front fairing, instrument... I wanted to clean everything.
Anyway I used the Randakks kit, also ended up buying two: 162-MN5-000 INSULATOR, CARB the old rubber ones were getting pretty hard.
I also had a leak in the 5" vacuum tube that is on the left carb: 17173-MN5-000 TUBE, PRESSURE BOOST

I think that the o-ring connected the accelerator pump to the crab was leaking, plus some I'm not sure if my carbs were leaking.
Anyway now that it is all back together, have run it twice for about 30 minutes, no gas smell while running or after running.
If you are smelling a lot of gas, I think you might have a small leak.

Here is a picture of the old and new pressure boost tube, you can see the hole in it (new tube on the left, old tube on the right)
I don't this this was the gas leak, but it was an issue.


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Re: Strong gas smell on shutdown

Post by WingAdmin » Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:43 am

Those 90 degree lines are well-known for developing holes in them like that.

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Re: Strong gas smell on shutdown

Post by JGW » Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:01 am

Hello from Belgium ,

A friend "had" the same problem with his GL1500 - 1990 - USA model !!!

His solution :
When you spray a little brakecleaner while the motor is turning in neutral (and hot) , between the fairing and top of cylinderhead/motor (on the LEFT and also right side - leg-covers taken off) , and the motor is changing of ritme , some rubber hoses has to be changed , because of the age !!!

After replacement , some hoses were not rond anymore and some were hardened !

After replacement (some by selfmade , because not available any more in Belgium) , the problem of smelling benzine after riding , was gone.

I hope this could help you with this solution (or there is an other caution , that I dont know !)

Greatings ,

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