Looking for front speakers 93 GL1500A

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Looking for front speakers 93 GL1500A

Post by NOVAwing »

I have looked at the site, and online for the speakers people recommend.

However it seems none of those are available anymore, or are very over priced.

Cyclemax.com has been invaluable for parts so far, but I don't want their old cheap paper speakers, even though they are lower cost. I want this to be a 1 time repair for the next 10 years give or take lol.

Can anyone recommend decent front water proof speakers that fit without major mods, that are reasonably priced and available?
I also need rear speakers but not this job, they will come later in the fall.

Also would like to get the foam buckets for them, front and rear, but not sure where/what ones to buy?

If anyone has some current info, recommendations I'd love to know more please.


1993 GL1500 Aspencade, restored from 4 years rotting outside.

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Re: Looking for front speakers 93 GL1500A

Post by bluthundr31 »

Earlier this year, I replaced the old OEM speakers in the front with Kenwood 1065's and I'm pleased with sound quality/ fitment was great,(got the baffles too)/ and price was reasonable. I don't know what your budget is, but IIRC, these Kenwoods were $29. They are NOT waterproof though, , I don't plan on riding in the rain anyway, , ,so its not an issue for me. The waterproof classification is going to increase the price dramatically, no matter what brand you choose.
When I was "researching/lurking" for some replacement speakers, LOTS & LOTS of folks on here spoke of the Polk 401's (now they're 402's) as a good front speaker for the 1500's. The Polk 402's are waterproof, for about $70. Amazon has em in stock.

Additional: Kenwood 1095's are "water-resistant" but NOT waterproof and are in the $80 range. The "marine quality" speakers were out of my budget, hence the 1065's were my choice, and they are performing above expectations.

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Re: Looking for front speakers 93 GL1500A

Post by Chronos70 »

Just did a web search for the Polk DB402 model speakers. Crutchfield has them on sale for $49.99 as of 12/11/18 Wish the Christmas budget had more wiggle room. :-(
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Re: Looking for front speakers 93 GL1500A

Post by Erdeniz Umman »

I have been using AlpineSXE 1025s, 4", 2 way, 4ohm, 180w as front and rear speakers for 3 years without any problem.
For rear I had to reshape the housing on the trunk a little bit with a heat gun (a 5 minute job) since the back of the speaker is thicker than the OEM one.

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Re: Looking for front speakers 93 GL1500A

Post by Bluewaterhooker0 »

I would highly recommend these. This was the go-to speaker for front replacement on the 1500 for several years, but they got difficult to find. I tripped over these on Amazon a month ago and ordered a backup set myself. They are easily modified, VERY MINOR MOD, and installed. Waterproof, good size magnets, foam cone suspension, an all around good quality item. In the speaker world, $60 - $90 is not big bucks. If you want other than crap, that price range is required. They will likely not be available for much longer on Amazon, so I'd jump sooner that later.
Polk didnt really make an adequate substitute for these guys. My 2 cents.

Polk Audio DB501 5-Inch Coaxial Speakers (Pair, Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000P0PF78/?tag=goldwingdocs-20 ... eCbCJ361TD

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