Installing sidecar

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Installing sidecar

Post by eblevins »

Just bought a new sidecar from great sports inc. it is the classical rocketeer sidecar. The instructions for installing unit is very vague, and this is new to me,I have never even seen how a sidecar is supposed to be attached. Does anyone have any pictures and advice to help me to safely attach my sidecar. My 6 year old grandson will be riding in this thing and his safety is my main concern.please help.l should add my bike is a 1500 goldwing se

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Re: Installing sidecar

Post by Bluewaterhooker0 »

I was wondering what kind of company would sell such a product without extensive installation instructions, as the safety and liability issues would be humongous. So, I did a simple Google search of "Great Sports, Inc." The results are NOT promising. They have a slew of complaints, as well as the AG of Illinois suing them for multiple problems. If you are truly concerned with your grandson's safety, as well as your own, you might try finding a sidecar from a reputable dealer. I suspect you will find that a 'reputable' dealer also will not sell a sidecar without it being installed by the dealer. The installation process would be rather critical for such a product.

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Re: Installing sidecar

Post by dingdong »

Try the manufacturer for assistance. ... -s/106.htm

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Re: Installing sidecar

Post by tamathumper »

Funny, just listened to a podcast by Adventure Rider Radio yesterday about sidecars, and all the interesting aspects like "lead" and "flying the car". It covered the mounting to different bikes and the dangers associated with the "universal" mounts that basically mean they universally don't fit anything very well.

I wouldn't take a chance on it if it's not clearly laid out and hasn't been done successfully on your model bike many, many times.
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Re: Installing sidecar

Post by Bubblechaser »

Hi. I too am a wing rider with a hack on and a member of sidecar assoc. on another site.Check that site out, they have a great bunch of guys too and are very informant about sidecars. Ride safe!

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