Another "my radio is dying" thread

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Another "my radio is dying" thread

Post by NOVAwing »

So my radio is dying.

Right after I bought new front speakers, moved the old partly blown fronts to the rear, and added the fader wiring harness for the rear.

My radio mutes itself randomly, on fm which is all I use. It is not the handle bar mounted switch.

If I tap, and beat hard on the main unit it may randomly un-mute. Then a bump in the road, or applying throttle will cause it to mute again, randomly....

Messing with the mute button or the station search lever next to it has no effect. Also noticed when muted I can not adjust stations, the lever does nothing. Not sure if this is normal while muted or is it a clue?

Ive been so frustrated with it, I sometimes open and close the tape drive instead of pounding the main body.

Today otw to work, at a long traffic light I slammed the tape closed to hard.
It snapped the end off and shot it into the next lane beside me lol.

I got it back and will try to glue it back on and never touch it again.
Pic below.

Is this mute issue known, and what can be done if anything?

Stupid prices for these used tape decks, no chance I will get one unless I find one for $10 lol. Thats what its worth, at best.

Looks like I will be figuring a way to mount an aftermarket marine stereo and tapping into the speaker lines sooner than expected.

I need my morning news, and rest of the day classic rock stations lol.

Thanks for reading!

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Re: Another "my radio is dying" thread

Post by SG_Jay »

I'd be more inclined to think that rather than "muting" itself, there's a loose connection issue somewhere. Make sure that big connector to the radio is tight and look closely at each wire. Check for loose terminals on each of them, or something obviously not making a tight connection. Check the wiring you did adding the fader also.

If everything there looks good, you might want to open it up and see if you can find a broken or loose solder joint. Nothing to lose at this point, the worst that'll happen is nothing and you'll still be looking for a way to replace it.

Also, not a bad idea to spray both connectors and clean everything up really good. Could be as simple as that.

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Re: Another "my radio is dying" thread

Post by MikeB »

I think as a first step I would call Sierra Electronics They are the Gold Wing audio experts.
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Re: Another "my radio is dying" thread

Post by curtm »

Has anyone come up with a good looking alternative to the OEM radio, That you don't have to be a master tin smith or an electronics engineer to figure out, would also like the search button to work on the left hand grip, and at a good price, Dont want to spend $1000 to do it


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Re: Another "my radio is dying" thread

Post by Stew »

There used to be a standard DIN adapter available for the 1500 but it hasn't been made for a while. If we're putting in parts requests in the following thread maybe we could add that to the list! :D

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