Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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1992 aspencade, I towed my time out trailer 2,700 miles. Rear tire now has cupping. I had tongue weight approx 22lbs. Is cupping a coincidence or caused by trailer.

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Re: Cupping

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no, from my experience had no effect at all.

I suggest that your rear tire did not have enough air pressure. I run 44 psi in m/c tires, and I also use beads.... Dyna Beads in my case to make sure it stays balanced thru it tread life.

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Re: Cupping

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What kind of tire was it? If it was E-3's, I would agree, probably not enough tire pressure. Most of the cupping problems I've had have been on the front. I have had some belts slip and had some cupping with cheap Shinko's and some other brands, but I don't recall ever having cupping on the rear with a Dunlop.

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Re: Cupping

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Conventional wisdom is that cupping may be caused by low tire pressure & inadequate balancing. Some report noticeable improvements when switching from balance weights to Dyna Beads, and I think it’s safe to say that 40-42 PSI is universally accepted as the correct rear tire pressure to slow tread cupping.

These items are based on personal, anecdotal experiences, rather than scientific investigation. I’m not aware of any reliable studies having been done on the topic, so anecdotal, empirical experience is all we have to work with...

By the way, I doubt tha 22 lbs of tongue weight would contribute to cupping.

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Re: Cupping

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Had that issue when I started riding 1500's. A friend that works for Goodyear racing was mounting tires for a Kawasaki team preping for Daytona when I went by to use his tire machine and balancer. He put me on 40 front and 42 rear empty and 42 front 44 rear tour loaded two up. Haven't had any tire cup problems since.

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