1989 GL1500 fuel problem

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1989 GL1500 fuel problem

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First of all I am new to GoldwingDocs and look forward to a fine relationship. My 89 Goldwing GL1500 started running rough and will not idle properly and the exhaust will burn your eyes. in the process of removing the original carburetors, pulling of the # 18 hose from the back side of the carburetor fuel ran out. This line goes to the air jet solenoid valve # 3 according to the shop manual. I was under the impression that this is a vacuum line. Any ideas on this? Thank you.

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Re: 1989 GL1500 fuel problem

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All those vacuum hoses attached around the upper perimeter of the carbs are air bleeds for the circuits (idle&main) within the carburetor to meet emission requirements of the day. They will lean out mixtures via the air jet controllers. There is also an altitude compensation system among those hoses. Vacuum hoses which carry manifold vacuum are picked up down below at the intake manifolds.

There should be no gasoline in the hoses and first check would be for their proper routing. Then into the carbs for blockages or high float levels which would cause flooding and subsequent poor running.
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