Timing belts done.....

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Timing belts done.....

Post by Rodzim »

I finally got down time today to do my belts. Its pretty straightforward as far as the mechanics go. I got it done in 1.5-2 hours.
I really have to give honda credit on these machines man. 24 year old belt and it still looked great and pliable. The plugs were almost new but i bought the set so i replaced them anyway.
All plastics and hoses/connectors are still flexible and easy to work with.
If you are hesitating about doing this work you should stop now. Its super easy and it doesnt take any special tools. Im a mechanic by trade so i didnt use the scale and ruler to tension the belts, good old common sense prevailed. If your experience is limited i would strongly recommend it though. Too tight or loose is bad.
All in all a piece of cake.
Now as soon as i started it i saw fuel dripping on the ground. The petcock decided to start leaking at the exact time i was doing my belts. Dont you hate it when that happens? I should be getting the rebuild kit on monday.

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Re: Timing belts done.....

Post by bellboy40 »

Glad you got it done. As you said, it is not a bad job but it just has to be done correctly or the consequences are are really bad. Be glad the gas leak was the petcock. If the fuel bowls were leaking, as mine was, that is a carbs out job and that is no fun.

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Re: Timing belts done.....

Post by minimac »

I posted similarly when I did the timing belts on my '93. It doesn't take any special tools or talents-if you can read and follow directions as posted on this site- anyone can do it, and in less than a few hours.

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Re: Timing belts done.....

Post by TwoTone Trike »

Yeah, I did mine thanks to WingAdmin for a great how to.

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Re: Timing belts done.....

Post by DougEFresh1123 »

I'd like to say I got mine done this weekend, but for some odd reason it has taken the courier 3 days to get out of Texas :( . Now I know Texas is a big state but 3 days travel, I don't think so. :lol: hopefully they will get here by this weekend.
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Re: Timing belts done.....

Post by bigsteveswing »

I did mine a couple months ago using the "How to" instructions from WingAdmin also, went great. I ended up using a trigger pull gauge I borrowed from my buddy to check the tension, but everything pulled just right with the springs.

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