Are Rear reflector interchangeable

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Are Rear reflector interchangeable

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I have suspicions that my new to me 2000se may have run over something big or otherwise damaged some time in its life. The first clue was a snapped off bolt that holds the sub frame cross brace in place just under the rear panel, and because there was a huge hole in the corresponding side bag/box. The hole was large enough to slide 4 fingers in, this has been repaired, how ever I went looking on e bay to find a rear reflector to replace the faded one that is currently on the bike.

When I compared my current reflector to a used 2000 it wasn't the same. Further research found an 1988 1500 reflector that matches mine exactly. The only difference between the two is that the 88 has twin light bulbs where in the picture of the 2000 it has no lights at all. The original owner had his and his wife's name on the outside of the reflector which has since been removed but you can still barely see their names due to fading of the red plastic lens. Her Queenship dust not likith to show the name of another on her Ride. :cry: I am merely the pilot :lol:

I am wondering did the 2000 come with a no lights reflector and this 1988 one was added because one it fit and two it light up so it would back light the names. Does an 88 reflector even fit a 2000 model bike? I mean it seems to be the case in my case but Just trying to figure out if the reflectors for sale are mis- marked or infact marked by year correctly and are infact interchangeable.

Last thought, I have a used strobe unit from an emergency vehicle that I would like to hook up in the breaking circuit,While I am employing my breaks it will flash then go out when I ride on.I wish to place the bulb inside this reflector but first I want to find a piece of lens stock similar to what was on the face of this reflector as OEM. I want to remove most of the old lens material and glue the new one in place so it looks stock. Does any one know where I might purchase red lens stock to make this project happen ....Thanks Stan.

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Re: Are Rear reflector interchangeable

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The bike comes stock with a reflector. All years are the same. The lighted center reflector replacement is a aftermarket item. They are still available. If you want the reflector, ask here or check eBay.


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