engine misfires

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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engine misfires

Post by HEMTRAN »

97 GL1500 SE
backfires out right exhaust
spark plugs 2-3-6 white
1-4-5 black and little wet
disassembled carbs found clean internals float heights good

changed plugs ran fine for about 2 miles then progressively got worse, missing and backfires
not sure if secondary air injection could be involved
any suggestions

running excellent for 5 years
sat for 4 weeks now this

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Re: engine misfires

Post by Kurt J »

DO you know what kind of condition the timing belts are in or when they where last checked?? I have heard of old belts jumping a tooth when motor was shut off. I would do a check on them and make sure all the timing marks are where they should line up.
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Re: engine misfires

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Check the carb’s choke plunger, when you push choke off. I had a case that left carb plunger stayed a bit open. Was a choke cable /carb mechanism issue.

Br, kane

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