Electrical STUMPER!

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Electrical STUMPER!

Post by erkmann »

'99 Goldwing, 60K miles, no mechanical issues over past 12 mo/8K miles, on trickle charger past six weeks, and with today in the 50's it's time for a ride. Disconnected charger, choke on, key on, hit the starter. Cranked one second and then NOTHING, as if battery were disconnected, no clicking, nothing. Key OFF, and display continued ON. Accessory LED lighting continued weakly ON. There HAD TO BE a short in there somewhere. Did a visual inspxn, checked fuses including 30amp fuse right of battery, did some continuity checks to ensure no shorts in (fused) aux wire going to Fuzebox. Found rubber shield over (+) battery post burnt through and wires at both (+) and (-) terminals 1-2 turns loose. Tightened all, and everything returned to normal. Rode 100 miles w/o issue. Question: What happened? How can power get to aux lights and bike display with key in OFF position? Is there a component/relay that I might consider replacing?

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Re: Electrical STUMPER!

Post by Rodzim »

Dont change anything unless it happens again.
I have had my share of ground and bad connection issues before and it can be frustrating to say the least.
Ive spent hours and hours trying to figure out electrical issues that turned out to be a dirty ground or bad contact somewhere.
Remember this as well. A dirty connection will melt wires and plastic, since you have a high resistance everything starts to overheat.
I wouldnt worry about it

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Re: Electrical STUMPER!

Post by Bluewaterhooker0 »

Your loose wires and melted rubber boots would certainly explain your starting issue. Even though you had some voltage making its way through the wires, it was not capable of transmitting enough, or any current to the starter. The lighting issue may be unrelated to the loose wires. I believe it is relay #3 that takes a beating on the 1500. It passes current to many circuits, including lighting, and it may have gotten partially stuck/burned, and kept your lights on, even if partially. Keep an eye on relay #3 for future problems. If I have identified the wrong relay, someone please correct me.

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