Self cancelling turn signals issue

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Self cancelling turn signals issue

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Good morning all,
I have been working very hard the last 2 weeks trying to get my 1990 SE back together for this coming season... I thought that I was ready for our local safety inspection including fully functional turn signals. Well after hooking up the sidecar, no more turn signals. Not sure what could have happened, I unhooked the electrical connection to the sidecar but still nothing...

Went back at it this morning and somewhat got lucky! They were working... meaning intermittent problem!
At least I know that the relay,fuse and connections are in working order. I then turn the handle bar to the left and play with the handle bar switches and I was able to activate right and left signal lights and cancel them at the handle bar. Decided to return the handle bar to center with the left signal on. It did cancel the light but after that nothing. I turn the ignition on and off and with the handle bar at center the signal lights were working from the switches, both sides. Try to turn the handle bar to the right and every things went off.
It appears that I can "reset" this by turning the ignition on and off. If I try the right blinker first with the handle bar in center, I get one blink from the light or just a click from a relay.
After playing with it for a while, right now nothing work...

So I would have 2 questions:
I think that my self cancelling unit in the triple tree is faulty. Would you agreed?
Can this self cancelling unit be by pass at least for the time being? until I get a new switch? I don't particularly need it. I am used to cancel my turning lights on my solo bike anyway.

Would really appreciate some feed back.
Cheers!!! :D

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